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95sx Free Show and WPB All That Tour

Bosson brought the House DOWN

95sx invited Bosson to be a part of the Free Show here in Charleston,SC...

Bosson put on a GREAT show and had the Fans wanting MORE!!!

Bosson has it all!  Talent, Personality and Looks...

Where Are You? When Im Calling Your Name..Oh Baby

Loving the Crowd...

Bosson was singing to MEEEEEEEEE....

No comment here...Let your imagination have fun..haha

Giving us his all...

Bosson had some surprises for the WPB All That Tour Too!

Bosson put on a Great show in West Palm Beach!!

I was fortunate enough to watch him interact with the fans and street team during the autograph sessions...They adored him...He also gave them a special treat when he went out into the audience to interact with the fans...

Bosson entertained like only he can...

Check out the pics below
Then check out
Bosson's Personal ALL THAT PICS...

Bosson signing for the ST fans...

Bosson gave the fans a treat here..

Almost back to the stage after going out in the audience...

Bosson was heading out for an interview and to sign some more!