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Hit Parade Volume 21

RockStar,Remixes, & One In A Million

This Is Our Life Cd 4 Track

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One In A Million

Song List & Lyrics!

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13. One In A Million (Remix)

Bosson's 1st US Release...We Live

We Live
A celebration of Life..We should all Live a little..

Bosson's 2nd US Release...Where Are You?

Simpy Heartfelt Where Are You...

Includes snippets from One In A Million..

Import..The Right Time

Bosson - THE RIGHT TIME (+ bonus tracks)

1 love has got the power
2 baby don't cry
3 right time
4 always on my mind
5 it's over now
6 we live
7 is it love
8 radio interlude
9 on the radio
10 i love you
11 when you touch my hand
12 something to believe in
13 happy
14 baby don't cry (da bump remix)
15 right time (extended)
16 we live (engine's radio remix)