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See what the Fans have to say about Bosson =)

Hey all!

I decided it was time to add my own review of this
Amazingly Talented Swede!

March 2000

My first experience with Bosson was on Britney's Got Milk Tour. He came out to perform a few songs and he was really entertaining. However what caught my attention the most was his crowd interaction! I noticed him smiling and waving to alot of the fans & talking to them in between to keep them involved. Needless to say, the noise level was incredible!
End of first show, Notice Taken!!!

May 2000

Bosson came to good ole Charleston for the 95sx Free Show!
Since, we had caught his performance a few months earlier, we were really excited!!
Another GREAT show with Bosson & his dancers Michelle & Laura despite the heat! Again, tons of fan interaction and I would swear the noise level broke the sound barrier! I had so many bruises from females trying to get to the front to just touch him! lol...
The lyrics & music to his songs are so upbeat and catchy!
This time we got to Meet Bosson to take a few pics, get his autograph and just say
Hey, We Loved Your Show!!
Hmm, can you say Hooked On Bosson?? lol

June 2000

Bosson performed at a NC Radio show and once again WOW'd the crowd!
He sang to them, came out into the crowd to take pics and even took some of them up on stage! This was my favorite show because he took my niece and nephew up on stage too!
Words cant describe how tickled they were to be in the "spotlight" with him! I can never say enough about his music, its just amazing!

July 2000

Unfortunately, this was the last show I got to see Bosson

Bosson performed as part of the All That Tour, so needless to say I made the trek to West Palm Beach. I know it sounds like a broken record but again the crowd was left speechless! When he went out into the crowd, the fans went CRAZY!!! Faces lit up and the screaming intensified! Before, during and after Bosson signed and took pics for his fans both old and new! They just couldnt get enough of him...

So, to sum it all up!

Bosson goes onstage with an energy that is contagious!
His mix of music and lyrics grabs your attention while his stage presence seals the deal!!

You can see his love for music and his fans in everything he does!

He is an ARTIST in every sense of the word from writing to singing to producing!
I look forward to MANY years of seeing him perform!

My way of saying Thank You
for his Devotion is to let everyone know that he has my
Love & Support


He was awesome. I wasn't sure how he would perform at first because he said it was his first time performing in the US and then later that week he would be up in Bham, Alabama (about an hour from me). Well, him and his dancers came out and just did the most awesome job. I couldn't believe it. He was so good and so were his dancers. Then after they finished performing, they announced that he would be signing autographs and taking pictures. So me and my friends went over there and the line was really getting long. We got in line and when we got up to the front, we got his autograph. Then later on (about 3 hours later) he just finished signing autographs and came up to me and my friends and just started talking about how we liked the show and if he did good. Of course he did so we told him. He told us that he enjoyed having us there (we were up in the very front screaming and dancing) because when he first came out he was nervous and wasn't sure if the crowd would accept him, but when we started screaming for hima nd dancing with him, he relaxed and got into it more. He said he loved it and it was fun. Then we hung out with him and his dancers. (I had gotten their autographs before I got Staffan's and they were extremely sweet. One of their names is Michelle like me so I thought that was cool. lol) Then we took some pics with him as we were hanging out and some newspaper people took some of us just hanging out. He said that he had wanted to ride the camels, (he played at our zoo for Zoo Weekend with Edwin McCain), but there were so many fans wanting to get his autograph or a picture with him so he gave up his chance to ride the camels to satisfy the fans. I thought that was sweet of him because he REALLY wanted to ride those camels. He said he had never been on one or anything so he was looking forward to it, but maybe next time. It was cute and funny. I loved his swedish accent and the way he acted. It was just so normal and he's so crazy. lol. Anyways. Thanks.


Hey! Well I went to the Britney Spears concert in March and Bosson besides LFO opened up for her. I had NO idea who he was! But I was like "omigosh he's so cute!" Well I heard him perform and he was excellent! I thought he was way better than LFO! He was so great I couldn't believe it! He's a great singer and I can't wait til his cd comes out!


I went to Britney Spears's concert and LFO and Bosson were the opening acts, my sister and I were like who the hell is this guy and he probably stinks worse than Cher. So when he sang it brought tears to my eyes, I thought this guy sings like an angel and he's a hottie to I had backstage passes, but only for Britney Spears my sister was like why don't you give me the pass and I'll go find Bosson and ask him if he's married. LOL. To tell you the truth, I would do anything to see that hottie again.


Hey! Whats up? Well I went and saw Bosson at the All That Music and More Festival and I just wanted to tell you that his performance was the best. He was extremely nice and very happy to see all his fans and to sign autographs. Some of the other acts there (no names) didn't seem to care about their fans and they didn't even say a word to them. Bosson was very nice to all his fans, young and old. He let us take many pictures of him and he even did some funny poses. :) My best friend and I are so in love with him now. We knew who he was before but now that we met him and got his autograph, and saw him perform, we realized he is a very good singer and he is just an all around nice guy and you don't see that much anymore. And his accent was soooo cute!! And not to mention he is very good looking. He talked to us and signed our VIP passes. He is very happy to be where he is and he realizes he is there because of the fans and he wanted to thank them and he did when he got on stage. So everyone go see Bosson!! Believe me its worth it!

Ashley and Allie's:


We just saw Bosson at the All That Music and More Festival. We never had heard of him before so we didn't really kno who he was and what he sang. Well we hung around for a few songs and were totally amazed. Even when he was talking on stage he seemed like a wonderful guy. His songs blew us away. Even our parents enjoyed him!!! We were lucky enough to be around when he came out to sign autographs. When he walked out we were like *arent u a singer dude????* and he told us yes!! Then we recognized him!!! We asked for hugs but we didnt get his signature becuz we didnt have pens! he was extremely nice and talked with us for a while!!! We really enjoyed meeting him and hope he gets better known!!!


Me and my friend Sarah met him @ The Britney Spears & Lfo concert.. We were waiting in line talking to the other girls and we got up to Bosson and my friend Sarah was rubbing his back i was telling her to stop, but he liked it. And after that she got her belly and her Bosson cd autographed then i got up there and asked if i could have a hug and he gave me a hug..He's an awesome guy!!


I met Bosson at the Nickelodeon All That Music and More Festival on July 14th in Houston TX. I've heard about him before cuz I saw him in a magazine w/britney spears. Anyway I was in line to get his autograph and while I was in line people were selling his C.D. single so i bought one so that he could sign in. Well when it was almost my turn to get an autograph but he had to leave and get ready for the show and then Angela Via took his place and started signing autographs well when he was about to leave he passed right by me and I asked him if I could get his autograph he goes "yeah sure" so I gave him my C.D. and he signed it for me and then he was like "Oh I didn't put your name on in" so after he signed this other girls C.D. he took mine and put my name on it. He is really nice and so sweet. He couldnt get out cuz there were so many fans around him but he stayed until he finished signing autographs even tho he really had to go. His performance was great. Bosson ROX!!!


Hey! My friends and I saw Bosson at the All That Music and More Festival (July 23). Until then, we had never even heard of him! We saw him signing autographs and taking pictures before the show .When we noticed him we were like, "WOW he's a hottie!!"Sadly we didnt get pictures or autographs from him,because at the time we didnt know who he was, and we had our minds on TAKE 5!!! When the show started he came out second, and we were like omg he is an awesome singer, and very funny, not to mention extremly hott!!! It was so cool because he interacted with the crowed. Telling us to scream louder to make his neck feel better!! He said it was sore! Then he came out into the audience and ran around!! He came right out where we were and we freaked out, we could have reached out and touched him he was so close, but we didnt, the guards were standing there!! He even got to munch on some ones popcorn, they shared it with him!!! How nice of them!! lol Who wouldnt share popcorn with Bosson?!?!?!? Well the whole thing was great Lfo was awesome too! Take 5 was great also! And now we are all Bosson fans too!!! GO Bosson!!!!

Sheila L's:


I went to the Britney Spears concert in March,and only knew it was supposed to be Britney and LFO performing.My Aunt and I sat in our seats and waited for the concert to begin.When the lights came on and everyone began to scream, a guy came out and his name was Bosson as they announced.I didnt know who hell he was, lol! All I knew was that he sang "We Live" which was a really cool song.When he first came out,he talked to the audience and told us that he was a new singer that just came from Sweden.He had such a cute accent :P!!!!!!!!So, he sang "We Live" and it was really good.But then, he started to sing"One in a Million". "One in a Million" is one of the best songs I have ever heard in my life.I loved Bosson and that song ever since the concert! Unfortunatly, too far to take a close look of him but obviously in pictures he is HHHOOOTT!! He is a very talented singer and dancer.I LOVE HIM!

Mad props to Ash again for a great idea..These are from her site..Bosson Something to Believe In!

If you have a review, please send it in and Ill post it here!