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Bosson Is One In A Million
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This is MEEEEEE.....CHELLE.........=)



Fav Sport:

Fav Food:
Home cooked!! (not that I cook it..)lol

Fav Color:

Fav Music:

Fav #:

Fav Vehicle:
Sport Utility

Poetry, Reading

Fav Performers:
GARTH..BSB, 98, NSYNC, NA, GOTTI13, LFO, Bosson, Youngstown, Christina, Britney, Brian McKnight, Kid Rock, Tim McGraw, Reba, Martina, Faith Hill...
Okay so I cant choose!

Fav Saying:
Treat others as you would want to be treated...
Kindness you can give away for free...
Never judge a book by its cover..


Happily Married, 8 yr old son

Fav Song:
One In A Million,
I Hope You Dance,
The Perfect Fan,
Back at One,
Dont Wanna Kiss you Goodnight,
Westside Story (LFO)
We Live,
Where Are You,
Digital Getdown,
A Girl Like You,
What A Girl Wants,
Pedal to the Steel,
Something Like That,
Anything by Garth...

Fav Shows:
ER, Third Watch, Friends, The Practice, Will & Grace, The Pretender, & Sports

Fav Baseball Team:

Fav Player:
Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken

Most Precious Gift:
My Family

Best Personality Trait:
Outgoing, Kind Hearted and Friendly

Who Id like to Meet:
Lance Bass, Derek Jeter, Garth, Tom Hanks, Michelle Pfeiffer, & Jonathan Jackson

Collectors Items:
Precious Moments

Ky, Bosson & Tim Jr...This is the first time we actually met Bosson...

This is my niece Kylie and nephew Tim Jr who got to meet Bosson at the 95sx Free Show in May...It was super hot since it was an outside concert, therefore, the kids were dressed as cool as possible...I wanted a pic too but since they were gracious enough to let us meet him, I didnt want to take up too much time..Maybe when I see him the end of this month, I will get mine..=)

Smile, if you LOVE Bosson too!

Check out my site for the Hottie from LFO-------  Devin Lima

Check out BSB, Johnny No Name, Britney, Gotti13, No Authority and more..

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Check out Youngstown!!  Let them be Your Everything...