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Just wanted to send Thanks to a fellow fan for the copy of the Insert information posted below! Thanks Hun!

Welcome to my little fairytale.

Since I was just a kid I have always been dreaming of being a pop-star. I've been performing as long as I can remember. In the early teens I started to play the guitar and piano and soon thereafter I wrote my first song.

From those days I've discovered the beautiful world of music and all the different ways you can express yourself through music. Like on stage, performing in front of a screaming crowd, to communicate with them, to make them feel good, and to feed off their appreciation and energy, is an indescribable unbeatable feeling. Or sitting alone by the piano in the middle of the night writing a song, when everything is quiet and calm and everybody is sleeping. Except for me and my piano. Or to go inside yourself seeking for experiences, questions or answers to the stories you want to share. Or to sit a whole day in the studio just working on the production of a song , with beats, strings, guitars and all kinds of instrumentation and being so caught up in your creativity that you suddenly realize that it's time to go to bed, although it feels like you just had breakfast 5 minutes ago..probably Bran Flakes and milk with bananas.

As you can see, music is my life. A gift I share with so many others, people just like me, people with a burning passion for what they do. People that know that no matter what happens, music will always be a part of their lives. But we all have dreams. To make a record, to share our music with others, to stand on stage, to make people happy, to be appreciated, to be a popstar! I couldn`t give up if I tried. I live and breathe music. And we all know what
happens if we stop breathing. I'm the perfect example of that if you never give up there will always be a chance and like so many others I worked hard.

I had my ups and downs but I never stopped believing. And one day my dream came true. I was suddenly one of these stories that you just hear about. My music ended up in the right hands. I, a little guy from Sweden, one of those
people, one of those guys creating music with big dreams, was going to get my big shot. A once in a lifetime opportunity. No guarantees, but with a major record company and people around me with extreme belief and passion for me and my music. I was going to get my chance to make a career in the USA and the rest of the world!

There are two people that made this happen. Two guys, "the right hands", without whom I would still be dreaming, dreaming about making this album:
Terry Anzaldo, my new-found brother. With a passion and belief for me and my music from the first day that I wish everybody could experience. The kind of guy everybody would like to have on their team and I am fortunate to work with. Not a good guy...but a GREAT guy. Great as in, great manager, great believer, great knowledge, great advisor, great loyalty, great friend, great brother..always there for me, always covering my back when the going gets a little tough. An artist's dream. I will never forget. I'm out of words. I love you my brother. Good Guy
Entertainment with twin brothers Terry and Anthony Anzaldo. I've known you for a year now and I can't imagine that a better home for an artist exists. I wouldn't leave this home for all the money in the world. You made it happen, I love you guys!!! Also tons of love to your wonderful Anzaldo

Michael Steele, KIIS FM Los Angeles, Found my first single, "We Live", fell in love with it, took a chance and started to play it before I had a record-deal in the US. You opened the doors my friend. The love and support
you have showed me from that day is indescribable. Michael is one of the few persons in powerful positions that got to where he is because of his dedication to music and still uses that dedication prior to politics in the music industry. I owe you everything my friend, I will never forget. Crazy love to you, Bridget and your wonderful family.

Greatest love to my beautiful family, who has always supported me and my music throughout the years. From early Christmas carols and talent competitions to TV-shows and tours: My mother Anita, my father Bo, My sisters Cecilia and Ann-ki, my little niece Noa and my brother Anders with
family. I love youuuuuuuuu!!

Biggest love to my closest friends Ronny, Ola, Tobias G., Charley, Terry, Klas and all my other friends. The best thing about close friends is that you know they will always be there no matter time or distance.

Sweetest love to Jessica Olérs for inspiration. You're a big part of this album and you are definitely "one in a million....", lilla snuva.

Swede love to my grandparents Eivor & Valter with families, the Christmas family, Stephan, B-M, Lotta and Emelie. Ottossons and the Peter Fagerlund family.

Super-mega-special-thanks to: Magnus Nygren and Holly Hutchison for >putting your heart, soul, sweat, tears, hair, health, life, others life, ice tea, painkillers and probably a lot of other things that I can't think of
right now into the making of my record and for all the encouragement along the way.

Thanks worthy presidents to: Roy Lott (Capitol Records), and Peter Yngen and Terry Connolly (MNW Records) for stepping up with no hesitation from the minute we all became family and giving me tremendous support.

Special thanks to you Peter, for your encouraging words and wisdom.

Everybody at Capitol Records: Jay Krugman, Perry Watts-Russell, Burt Baumgartner, Tripp DuBois, Kate Miller, JR, Tommy Steele, Jr., Cathy Watson, Rob Gordon, Brian Vosko, Devin Franchino, Joe McFadden, Joy Feuer, Paddy Spinks, Felix Cromey, Robin Bechtel, Jen Bird, Michele Cucci, Judith Kerr, Armando, Maria Malta, Bobbi Gale, Meredith Louie, Teri Goldberg, Justin, Giusseppi, Krista, Scotty A., and everybody else that I've been working with.

Never ending love to: Jean Wernheim, MNW: You are the only one who has been with me from the start, always positive, always motivated. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for your continued belief! Lots of love.

Sandra Bullock: Thank you so much for your invitation to the movie shoot, for your encouragement and for your belief in my song, One in a million. Thanks a million, Steve Schnur and Scott Grossman.

Multi-mega-turbo-thanks to David Zedeck, Eric, Craig, Marc, and everyone at Evolution Talent for letting me get to see all of the U.S., to meet my fans, to meet and perform with artists that I`ve been a fan of, in arenas so big that they almost could invite a small country!! You work with
some of the biggest artists in the world!! So most of all thank you for never doubting in my potential and for always opening those doors, even if we're in your face just about all the time.......We love uuuuuu!!

KIIS-FM, LA: Dan Kieley, Jo-Jo, Rick Dees, Valentine, Gwen Roberts, Gary Spears, Ellen K, Alex Cortez and everybody else. You guys literally can move mountains. Your support is difficult to describe. You are one of the biggest radio stations in the world and for me it's a huge honor to get the commitment you all been giving me and my songs. You made it happen and I will never forget.

Crazy-super-love to: Judy Stakee, Warner Chappell and Brian Schall.

Early-commitment-thank you to: Jonas Sjöström and Håkan Lidbo for first signing me as a solo artist.

Extra-special-thank you to: John Cloud for your encouraging words, for always believing and for sewing the seed of this
album by putting my first single "We live" in the hands of Good Guy Entertainment. Thanks! Goooooooooooooooooood choice!!

Swedest-thank-yous to: Sankan, Markus, Ozkar, Malin, Cissi, Sanna, Lili, Monica, Helena and everybody else at MNW Records.

Make-friends-on-the-road-love to: Britney Spears, everybody should know by now, YOU ARE ADORABLE!!! Johnny Wright, Larry Rudolph, Felicia, Big Rob and Jeff: Thank you so much for having me on your tour and for being such beautiful people. I will never forget. LFO: Rich, Devin, Brad, Mike
You guys are the greatest!!!!!!!! Thanks for your encouragement and support, I will definitely take your offer!! Hope to see u on tour soon again. B*witched: Beautiful girls with beautiful personalities (...and crazy with waterguns!) Thanks for the nice words! Westlife: (Basketball-rematch!)Angela Via: You're a sweetheart and a great talent, good luck with everything. We'll meet again..... Laura & Michelle: Lovely, sweet, humble,
professional and great to work with. Thanks for great moments on the road.

Lots of love: Justin Timberlake, Hanson, Howie D, Hoku, Sonique, Take 5(You've got it!!), No Authority, My-town, Boys II Men, Mandy Moore.

Crazy-turbo-love to: Everybody that I've been working with from H33-92 to Miss Sweden tour-98, and I mean EVERYBODY! Solis for a great Idea, PJP,TV 4, Bossanova, Ralph Bohlin, Swealandz, Veckorevyn, NRJ, R. Herrey, Lasse J,Bindefeldt, colleges, dancers, MCs etc.

Big Hugs to: Pernilla J, Claudia, Dea, Monica Löfgren w. family, Victoria, Sanne, Mia, E3M, Carrie, Jaana & Lotta, Tiz, Niki, Christy, Arpi, Janessa, Anna-Marie and everybody else who feel they want a Big hug.

Crazy-multi-mega-super-turbo-Love to: THE STREETTEAM!!! Chelle, Angela, Heather, Cara, Bridget, Rebecka, Alyssa,
Mariah, Kim, Amanda and EVERYBODY else. And I mean E V E R Y B O D Y!!!! Thank you for all your incredible support, I love u soo much.

Super-spicy-thanks to: All the producers and musicians that worked with me on my album: Jack Kugell (For all the time and skills you've put into my songs, you are a savior!), Steve Kipner (for hospitality and great ideas!), Tobbe (Swedish savior) & Peter Björklund. Peter Boström & Joakim Udd special thanks! ), Ryan, Matthew Wilder, Berman Brothers, DARP Studios, JamLab, Gustav, Cutfather & Joe, Polar Bear, Dan Sundquist, Epicenter, C&N, Nadir, Random, Dean Parks, Mats J, Antiloop-David and everybody else. Amy
Grant for recording one of my songs!! Jorge Pinos and Thomas Dover for your extreme passion! Lynn Herron- I still don't believe you. David Palmer and everyone at Palmer productions.

International: Nina, Antti (Fin), René with friends (Brasil), Aki Tamura (Japan). See you all soon again!! EMI International: Terry Felgate, Paulo Fernandes, Frank Rodriguez, Julie Nollet, Bead Goedhuys, Michiel Gaasterland, Sylvia Kollek, Teddy Meier, David Gogan, Vassillis Constadoulakis, Beppe Ciaraldi, Erich Krapfenbacher.

Tons of love to: SFX, Chuck Taylor, Billboard. KTLA, TV Guide Channel, Jenny Jones, CNN, Hi-Frequency, Gavin, Network 40, Seventeen, Teen, Teen People, Access Hollywood, Movieline, TVT Records, Xuxa, Angelica, Rui Gilles.