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In Love With One In A Million


You have been traveling alot, all over Asia, Europe & the States. Which place leaves you with the deepest impression, and why?

B: (thinks hard) Well, there are just too many! To name a few, Thailand is exotic! And many places in the states remind me of Sweden- alot of greens and beautiful scenery.

And are there any personal stuff you can't leave home without?

B: Usually I have my video camera with me everywhere. I shoot everything on tour. I had filmed events such as the tour with Britney and the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony. I never go anywhere without it! Its a psychological thing! (laughs)

But guess who lives inside my video case- my little monkey! Its very happy living there, 'cos it has its own dining room and stuff! (as my eyes widen in fear, he explains it's only a stuffed toy.)

It's given to me by my ex-girlfriend, Miss Sweden '98. Her name is Jessica. (His tone becomes a touch sentimental) She gave it to me just before I left for Brazil. It's for good luck I suppose. And since then, it has been going everywhere with me...(aww, sweet!)

Well, it has certainly brought you good luck. Your "One In A Million"- which was being nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song- has been topping the local charts here!

B: Oh yes, I really thank all my fans here for their tremendous support in my song! It's my first time here and Singapore is very nice. It's very clean & safe.

Is there anyone whom you call everyday while on tour?

B: Not everyday, but I try to call my family and friends when I have the time. But usually when I'm on the road, my time gets very packed. I do use my emails sometimes, but otherwise I try to rest as much as I could.

How has fame changed your life?

B: It doesn't change me as much as it has changed my life. I travel much more now than before, since "One In A Million" has been taking off in Europe and Asia. But I have to do it now while I can, 'cos in 2 years down the road, things might change. Who Knows?

You are a songwriter as well as a performer. Do you write songs while on tour?

B: When I was in the states for 7 months, I bought a guitar and tried to work on my songs. But I just couldn't. I have to be at my studio to get deep into songwriting. But I do get some good ideas while I'm on the road.

Do you get inspiration from the different places you have traveled to?

B: Yeah I do! I get inspiration from everything, like the things I experience, the people I meet and the beautiful girls who interview me. (Who me?) Yes, you. (He replies with a smile...Wooah...)

You wrote 8 songs in your debut album.
Which is your most personal song?

B: They are all personal in one way or another. "One In A Million" is dedicated to my ex-girlfriend Jessica. "We Will Meet Again" is for my grandmother who passed away.. and "Where Are You" is about meeting the right one. So there isn't any most personal song, as all of them are about my personal experiences.

Which is your favorite song then?

B: (thinks hard) Mmmm..I don't know. Right now, it's "One In A Million" 'cos people seem to like it in Singapore. But like the title itself, it's really "one in a million" 'cos it's in the movies, it's about Jessica and people in Europe, Asia and parts of the world just respond very well to it! As a songwriter, I'm definitely proud that my song can really impact people like that!

Talking about "One In A Milliion", you wrote, "sometimes you fall for everyone you see, but only one can really make me stay." So does it reflect what you do in real life, like falling in love easily?

B: No, it's just a way of saying that there are those days when you feel exceptionally happy and good. And when you feel good, everything seems beautiful, and you are in the mood to fall for anyone or everyone. What I mean in the song is that it's difficult to find the right one- someone whom you can live and laugh together with. It is really hard to find. (says with great emphasis)

So any idea what the songs in your next album would be like?

B: Actually, I don't know what the directions would be. When I get back, I will write and produce. But I will always write about things people can relate to- love, relationship, friendship and everyday life.

If you weren't a singer, what would you most probably be?

B: I don't know! Since young, I have dreamt of performing and entertaining people on stage. I studied Economics for three years at school. After that, I just knew that I want to work with music for the rest of my life.

You said that you are "married to your career". Does it mean you are sacrificing your love life for singing?

B: Yeah, of course, when you're out like this, it's very difficult to live a balance life with your family and friends. You kind of miss a lot of people. And the relationships formed with people are always short term. Even if you meet somebody you like, it's very difficult to establish something 'cos you're always on the move. But I enjoy what I'm doing right now. Music means so much to me, and so, it's not really a sacrifice.

Let's say if you were to meet the right girl..would you give up your career for her?

B: Well, I don't know really. But if I were to meet the right girl, I would probably travel less often so as to spend more time with her. To help stabilize things, I might just concentrate on songwriting and probably write for other artists too.

When do you foresee it (the real thing) will happen?

B: (with a twinkle in his eyes) Probably in a couple months' time, who know? (Laughs)

(Oh, let's pray not, 'cos we will definitely miss having him here with us again, Right, fans???)

While many people dream of being famous singers, not everybody gets to make it. What would you say to those who are discouraged?

B: I think it's important not to give up! Get involved in the music industry as much as possible- write, produce, work in the studio, etc. Get up, stand on the stage and prove yourself! Just be out there and do things-
Never Give Up!

Any special messages for your Singaporean fans?

B: Hope you like the song "One In A Million" as well as my album. Really appreciate you guys here. You are the reason why I'm here now!!!